Light Gate Rotation

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Maximise your bio disc scalar energy and biophotons with the rotation light.  This rotation light is specially designed for use with the Bio Disc ( a round crystal glass) to  create scalar energy and by shining the light through the Bio Disc  helps generate Biophotons, enhancing your energy levels, improving the taste of foods and beverages and  faster relief of pains/aches. This Rotation lightTh is affordable and easy to use, running anti-clockwise, programmable functions with memory,  auto-off timer and buzzer sound.

The Rotation light is with built-in rechargeable battery and AC/DC Adapter 9V (Charger)  is included upon purchase. Can use or activate rotation light when the battery is being charged. With one year (1) warranty for any defect on the electronic component except the battery and charger. You may purchase the rechargeable battery and Charger from us. The following is the features and functions of the rotation light:

Features and Functions:

1. With 7 High Power LED Light (150 Lumen/amp) running anti-clock wise;

2. Programmable function with memory; 

3. Built-in Ni-MH AA 4.8V/2000mAH/amp rechargeable battery with battery level indicator. Can use 3~4 hours (full charge);

4. With 4 auto off timer  – 15 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hours and 4 hours. Can use while you are sleeping or driving also;

5. Can change rotating speed as desired by user; i.e. fast, medium and slow speed; 

6. Can use or activate the bio light when the battery is being charged; 

7. Buzzer sound indicator, specially created for user friendly whom with hearing and eye-sight problems. 

8. with built-in LED regulator for constant light brightness in different battery level.

9. Portable and easy to carry.

10. The center light ON only and can use as Torch light; 

11. Charge with AC/DC Adapter 9V (Charger) – included

12. Others: As home emergency light or car break down warning light. 

NOTE:  Light Gate Disc is not included.